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Process publishing

The collective knowledge of your employees is your greatest asset. So make sure employees have the knowledge they need on processes and IT environments. With ARIS Cloud they can access the right information in the right context in a collaborative process portal.

Mobile support

ARIS Cloud is based on HTML5 technology to support all common mobile platforms. You can share process content seamlessly on mobile devices without installing additional apps. Stakeholders can use the integrated social collaboration environment to follow a process to stay updated and to suggest improvements.

Overview fact sheet

In all ARIS Cloud editions you can visualize processes in a way that does not require process management skills to take full advantage of the content you created. The overview fact sheet provides a great overview of a process. It presents the key process information, such as process description, persons responsible, process steps (also known as activities), as well as related IT systems. The overview fact sheet is automatically generated from process models stored in ARIS Cloud.


Steps view

The steps view guides users step-by-step through a process model. You simply click through the activities. If the process includes decisions you can choose the corresponding event. You can also go through the process backwards. This view is great especially when using mobile devices because it reduces complexity. The steps view is automatically generated from process models stored in ARIS Cloud.

Table view

This view provides all necessary information in a very structured, table-based manner. The basic table opens first. This is where you change your settings and display a table including all involved roles, and you can add columns, for example, for related IT systems. The table view is automatically generated from process models stored in ARIS Cloud.

RACI chart

The RACI chart view is a simple method typically used to describe how various roles participate in completing tasks for a business process. RACI is also useful within the scope of analysis and the resolution of conflicts that may occur as a result of ambiguous role definitions in cross-functional/departmental processes. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. The RACI chart is automatically generated from process models stored in ARIS Cloud.

Role-based views

In ARIS Cloud Enterprise, you can provide users with role-based access to process information. Doing this, you ensure that users get the right information to do their job in their current role in the organization, faster.

Portal customization

ARIS Cloud Enterprise allows you to customize your process portal to fit to your corporate look and feel through color schemes or logos. You can also modify the structure as to how process content is being published to your stakeholders.

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